This is my first Enduro Race! How does this format work?

You may have heard of Enduro racing in BC and AB or in Europe with the EWS Racing stopping in these locations. These locations are optimal for Enduro style racing there is significant elevation change with mountain ranges to build a course around. 

For the Ganny Enduro, we have managed to mimic this experience to some extent with the elevation profile of the Ganaraska and Millbrook area. 

You will ride your own pace(untimed) toward each initial start area; the route will be taped or signed. Once at your timing area, you will wait for a volunteer to call your number to start the segment. You will ride the segment, which will take anywhere between 3-6 minutes and your time will be recorded. These will be added up over the 4-6 segment through day for an overall race time.


I dont have a super cool Enduro bike like these guys...Can I still race?

The beauty of racing in the Millbrook/Ganny Trails is that the Peterborough Trailbuilder Association (PTA) developed a network of trails that are flowy, dynamic(optional jump lines and transitions), but challenging! These trails are not technical in nature as this area has few rocky sections(although there are some manageable rock gardens in the Millbrook stages).

We encourage anyone who has a capable mountain bike that can handle a fair amount of climbing between stages and prolonged descending sections to join. 


What are you COVID protocols for participants?

Thanks to the nature of enduro racing being individually timed on downhill segments, this race will not involve mass starting of racers.


Mountain biking is deemed a low risk activity in regards to COVID transmission by many health experts and epidemiologists, however we will still have a physical distance policy in place during the staging area at the start, as riders are on the trails between stages, and when they are waiting to be timed on their segment.

All riders and volunteers must follow regional COVID19 protocols, maintain physical distance at all times on course and at venue, and avoid congregating. Riders who do not comply with COVID19 protocols may forfeit stage results, be subject to disqualification, etc. at race director’s discretion.

Please bring a mask to wear during sign-in, for using the washroom, etc.


How much fun will I have during the Ganny Enduro?

We predict you will have as much stoke as this guy during our event.

You (probably) have other questions we couldn`t fit in here. Please reach out through the chat feature (purple icon to the right) or DM us via Instagram and we will respond as quickly as possible.