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Ganny Enduro

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Ontario's Most Accessible Staged Enduro MTB Race
Sunday October 2nd 2022

Registration Opens:
Monday August 29th

Enduro Lengths


Reg Open Aug 29th

6 stages through Millbrook Valley and Ganaraska Trails


Reg Open Aug 29th

4 stages through Millbrook Valley and Ganaraska Trails



Enduro races are composed of multiple timed stages, predominantly downhill, over the course of an adventurous ride.  The premise is that it mimics a group ride where you ride together with your friends to the stage and then race each other down a trail, regroup at the bottom and repeat. Usually set in an amazing location, the expansive Ganaraska Forest in your backyard will be the backdrop!


Organizers Alex Schmidt and Alex Lefebvre`s vision for the Ganny Enduro is to provide an accessible Enduro Stage race experience with a west coast vibe for mountain bikers in Ontario.

After a successful inaugural 2021 edition that provided countless smiles and high fives, we are back for 2022.
Race day:
October 2nd


We will continue to use the familiar and crowd favorite trails in Millbrook and North Ganaraska forest with some new surprises for this year.


Pricing and registration details for this year to come!

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Tech Guide
Enduro Format Info

See download link below for our race tech guide.

New to enduro racing or want to know more about our format? We want you to have all the course and event info needed for a rad day on the trails!

Questions and answers about our Enduro